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One Mahurangi, Warkworth // AI Workshop Series

Wed Jul 17 1:15 AM to 1:15 AM

  • Events, Hot off the Press!, Business, Technology
  • 41 Queen Street, Warkworth 0910

Learn to navigate AI advancements & make strategic decisions for your business’s future success. Designed for local business leaders.

Mark’s Summary:

I am a staunch advocate for the idea that generative AI is a technology that’s here to release us from drudge work, and free both individuals and companies to do more of what is uniquely human about our work. Also, being a Mahurangi local, I want to make sure that our local Mahurangi businesses don’t get left behind by AI, (and evolve and thrive with it). So, I have designed this course. It’s for local business leaders who want to learn to navigate the rapid advancements in AI, ensuring they make strategic decisions that position their businesses and their people for future success.

What will be taught in this course?

Theme #1: The State of AI in 2024

● Broaden Perspectives: Explore the vast benefits, opportunities, rapid development pace, risks, and challenges presented by generative AI technology.

● Inspire and Challenge: Through engaging, practical, and relevant industry examples, witness how generative AI fosters significant advancements in efficiency, productivity, and job satisfaction.

● Real-world Relevance: Gain a solid understanding of how AI can empower individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve greater outcomes.

● Foundation for Growth: Establish the basics of AI literacy as a groundwork for the advanced skills to be covered in the subsequent masterclasses.

Theme #2: Harnessing AI for Productivity and Efficiency

● Boost Productivity: Learn strategies to achieve a 25% increase in productivity with 40% improved outcomes.

● Master Prompt Engineering: Acquire foundational and intermediate prompt engineering skills for ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and Claude 3.

● Introduction to AI Data Analysis: Start navigating the world of AI-driven data analysis.

● Dive into AI Image Creation: Explore the basics of generating images through AI, opening new avenues for creativity and innovation.

Theme #3: Advanced Strategies and the Future of Work

● Advanced Techniques: Elevate your prompt engineering skills with advanced methods for ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and Claude 3.

● AI as a Strategic Partner: Learn to leverage AI as a sophisticated tool for strategic business planning and decision-making.

● Future of Work: Engage in a stimulating discussion on the evolution of work in the next 12 to 24 months, preparing for future challenges and opportunities.



Mark is making this course available at a heavily discounted price compared to his corporate rates. The six sessions will be priced at the low price of $300 (total). Please note that you must sign up for the 6 sessions – the content will not lend itself to attending some sessions and not others.

Please note that Mark will be donating 45% of the ticket price to One Mahurangi Business Association as a fundraising opportunity for them, and a 5% donation to Springboard, who do incredible community work for youth in Mahurangi.

Special thanks to Bayely’s in the North for the generous use of their venue