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Urge Watercare to Reconsider the Warkworth Pipeline Route

Sat Jun 1 11:57

  • Hot off the Press!, Local News

Retailers, property & business owners, and residents of Warkworth and the surrounding areas who use Warkworth as their main shopping and commercial base will be economically impacted by the proposed route of the new water pipeline down Elizabeth St, Queen St, and Baxter St.

We stand at a pivotal moment where the survival of our beloved main retail area is under threat from Watercare’s proposed wastewater pipeline route.

This is a call to action for every shop owner, business or landowner, every local, and every supporter of our vibrant community to unite and make our collective voice heard.

Your signature on our petition is a powerful statement of our shared commitment to preserve the heart of our town. Let’s protect the charm and economic vitality of Warkworth from the disruption and financial hardship this pipeline could bring.

Sign now, spread the word, and let’s ensure our town’s streets remain a bustling hub of Warkworth life for generations to come.